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We Suck at Celebrating Success

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A lot of the organisations I work with usually have one thing in common - they suck at patting themselves on the back!

We are generally too humble, and feel we are just doing our job.

However recognising and appreciating each other is a key aspect to building self-confidence in teams, and motivating each other.

And of course, it has to be genuine, and from the heart.

(We want to avoid... what's the Aussie term? Pissing in One's Pocket!)

So here is a good little exercise to get you started......

At your next team meeting, pick anyone from the team (create a roster and take turns each meeting).

Then go around the room and pay that team member a compliment based on their character, values, style, ways of working, or other achievements (personal or work related).

Once everyone has paid their compliment, ask the team member which of the compliments resonated with them the most.

Do you have any techniques to identify what motivates your team?


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