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Ranking Initiatives: I Hate When This Happens!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

I hate when this happens!!!

When we run an Ignite workshop, we first rank initiatives within their respective streams.

This gives us a Top 10 for each stream.

We then take the Number 1 from each stream and rank those, then repeat for Number 2,3,4, etc. until we end up with our overall ranked list across the portfolio.

So generally the top priorities reveal themselves quite early in the ranking process.

However, occasionally a new Number 1 initiative presents itself.

Usually it’s an initiative that was originally considered low, but is escalated once the team discuss the initiative further, particularly if important initiatives are dependent on it.

Not so much a challenge if we are running the Ignite in a virtual environment (e.g. on a Mural or Miro Board)

However, it can be annoying during an on-site Ignite!!

Fortunately, there Is usually someone taller than me to help out….



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