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Raise a Shandy to the Sceptics of an Ignite

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Today I raise a Shandy to the sceptics who have helped me evolve the Ignites over the years.

While trying to pitch or prepare for an Ignite, I have had my fair share of fairly senior and experienced delivery managers who have been highly sceptical of the approach. And they have always been forward when telling me about it.

Who can blame them?

You’d have to be insane to think we can rank, plan, estimate and schedule a large complex portfolio, program or project in less than a day and, at the same time, achieve ownership and buy-in for the outcome from everyone involved so that you can literally commence delivery the very next day.

You’d be nuts!!

As Billy Connolly so subtlety put it…. “they would ship you off to the asylum and not let you go home to grab your PJ’s and toothbrush”

However, I am pleased to say that many of those sceptics have become my biggest advocates and supporters, and today would swear by the Ignite approach.

So, are you a sceptic?


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