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Taking 100% Accountability

Here is one of the gems Tim Moon shared in his habits training aligning with the first habit of taking 100% Accountability. 🌈

When someone talks in a way that ruffles your feathers, and you can feel the fury bubbling up. 🌪️ Hit the pause button! Hold your breath for 7 seconds, resist the knee-jerk reaction, and resist the urge to fire back immediately.

Next, put on your empathy hat. See things from the other person's viewpoint and respond with understanding, positivity, and diplomacy. 🎩✨ Your response isn't just a reaction; it's a definition of who you are and a marker of your personal growth journey.

Here's the magic – this simple practice can swiftly defuse tension. 🪄✨  It’s amazing to think that Viktor Frankl, the resilient soul who faced unimaginable challenges and horrors in Auschwitz, applied a similar approach to navigate the darkest times.

In a world where reactions are lightning-speed, let's embrace the power of intentional response. How do you handle challenging comments? Share your insights below! 🌐💬



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