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The Common Challenges of the Ignite Process - How We Overcome Them.

The most common challenges you will face when organizing and running an Ignite workshop, and how we overcome each one.

I recently celebrated my 200th Ignite workshop

What is an Ignite?

It’s a highly innovative and energetic workshop to rapidly plan and collectively endorse complex portfolios, programs and projects.

The most common challenges are (drum roll):

1. Trying to lock in a date that everyone can attend.

2. Trying to convince people that ranking across silos is an important thing to do

3. Committing to an estimate based on little or no information

4. Anxiety. Is the rank right? Is the estimate right? Have I missed something?

5. Assuming available budget = available capacity

6. Dealing with the CEO’s “super important” initiatives

7. Detailed discussions that consume time and energy

As we address each of these, an amazing transformation occurs in the leadership team and people always come back for more (almost all of the Ignites I have run are referrals or return customers)

You are unlikely to find a more effective way to plan and mobilise work. So, don’t miss out!



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