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Three Fun Facts to SHareat your Next Stand-Up

3 Fun Facts to share at your next stand-up.........

I think it is generally accepted that to build a formidable high performing team, there needs to be a strong foundation of trust.

This is typically achieved by being vulnerable, having each other's back, and going out of your way to help and support each other without question. 

Oh and of course, going out of your way to understand each team members preferred communications style and adapt to it where you can. 

This is where the Insights Discovery superpowers 🟢 🟡 🔵 🔴 come into play

Having a bit of fun at work, breaking the ice, building personal connections within a team is a good start! 

So kick-off your stand-up by sharing some personal information, or if you are not quite ready, a fun-fact! Here are three you can use:

1) Did you know the letter "A" does not appear in any number until 101 (one-hundred and one)

2) In 2017, trains in the Netherlands became the first in the world to run using 100% wind energy, giving travellers the option of travelling without CO2 emissions.

3) If you boil water and freeze it, your ice cubes will be clear!

Can you share some other fun facts to use?


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