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What's Your Favourite Musical?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

What's your favourite musical? I have a slight obsession with Hamilton, thanks to my 16-year-old daughter Annie who introduced me to it recently. Ok – hardly a topic for LinkedIn. Those who know me well know that I always start my stand-ups with a question like this. But building a strong foundation of trust is critical to a successful team. The best way to boost communication and collaboration in a workplace is to break down walls. Not literally; I don't want to be liable for that. When I say break down walls, I mean to get to know each other. Ask your team about their lives and get to know them; in doing so, you'll build a personal connection and establish a foundation of trust. It's a win-win scenario. So start bringing fun into your meetings; you never know what you might find out! #200Ignites AdaptivOrg + SEISMA GROUP


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