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2024: An Exciting Start

An exciting start to 2024 with three big hashtag#Ignite workshops already locked in!

This week we are thrilled to launch the year with a hashtag#ProjectIgnite

Often we run our Ignite 90-Day planning workshop to establish strategic portfolios to help disparate siloed teams focus on common strategic goals. 

A Project Ignite however is used to plan and kick-off large complex initiatives.

The Project Ignite this week will involve over 30 project stakeholders and delivery leads to:

1) Understand and rank the key features

2) Elaborate and estimate each feature

3) Review and validate the key activities and estimates as a team

4) Collectively build the schedule

There is no better way to excite and empower a team than to get them all together in a big room and work together to understand the scope and build a plan!


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