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Adapting & Repurposing

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Do you guys recognise this?

It's been a while since these types of phones have been in circulation.

In fact, the days of the home phone are nearly gone (and even today, we are still asked to provide a home phone number!)

So I'm adapting. Repurposing, you might say.

This phone is my latest victim and has become a home for succulents in the Day of the Triffids product range.

The change has already happened, and we have all adapted to it. So I'm adapting the phone to keep it useful.

However, many changes will surprise us – like the changes we are about to see due to the Optus hacking saga. As George Will so subtly stated, "The future has a way of arriving unannounced."

In fact, we might even see a resurgence of the "safe & secure" home phones on the back of the hacking attempt.

What other things from yesteryear could I adapt like this? VHS tapes?

Maybe I could craft some old iPhones into a plant pot.

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