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Ignite Challenge #5: Assuming Available Budget

An approved budget doesn’t necessarily equate to available capacity.

This is a hard reality that I make sure I get across in all of the Ignite planning workshops I run.

You might have a budget for a team of 100 people in the next quarter, but if 20 of those roles are vacant, then 80 is your actual capacity.

You have to consider, especially in the current climate, that it could take at least 3 months (or even longer) to recruit and onboard a productive team member.

Allow one month to recruit, plus one month notice period, plus one month to get them fully onboarded.

So in an Ignite, we always plan initiatives based on the actual capacity for the next quarter and always exclude “vacant” roles.

Otherwise, you start the term on the back foot, and it won’t end well.

And we haven’t even looked at dependencies and sequencing yet!

That is another Ignite story for another day.

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