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Combining Insights Discovery with the Ignite Process

When I reflect back on the 250+ Ignites I have run, there have been a handful that did not go as planned.

The most common reason was usually because I was challenged by some sceptics, and was unable to convince them of the effectiveness of the Ignite approach.

My key learning from this was to identify them early and ensure they were pre-briefed prior to the Ignite workshop to avoid any confrontation.

Having since completed the Insights Discovery program, which uses four different colours 🟢 🔵 🔴 🟡 to identify dominant personality traits, on reflection, I can recognise the resistors being Cool Blue with a tinge of Fiery Red.

🔵 Cool Blues (Cautious, Precise, Deliberate, Questioning, Formal) will keep asking for some detail before they commit.

So throw in a little 🔴 Fiery Red (Competitive, Demanding, Determined, Strong-willed, Purposeful) and they will most likely stand firm on the need for supporting data before they make a decision (which will rarely exist during an Ignite).

This is how combining the Insights Discovery with our Ignite process has been so beneficial when setting teams up for success when planning collaboratively and then delivering on the outcomes.

It is useful to understand the personality types in the room and ensure their concerns are put at ease.


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