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Fist to Five

The “fist to five” vote is a great way to gauge confidence in the plan and achieve consensus at the end of an Ignite workshop.

We have just spent the ½ day or day collaborating together to prioritise, estimate and plan a portfolio, program or project.

Now we need to see how confident the team is in the plan being defendable and achievable.

On the count of 3, we give everyone the choice to show their hand:

5 fingers (jazz hands!), 4 fingers, 3 fingers, 2 fingers (ohhh), 1 finger (yikes) or a fist (run!)

If the bulk of the room shows 3 or more fingers, then that is typically an outstanding result.

In the event that we have 2 or less fingers, we encourage open dialogue on the concerns and agree the action to address them.

The goal of the Ignite is to achieve a unified team who collectively agree to the outcome, and this is a great way to demonstrate it!

This approach works in both the physical, virtual, or combination of both.

If you have too many participants in a zoom or teams call to view all the scores at once, you can also capture the score in the team chat by asking each participant to “like” a comment containing 5,4,3,2 or 1.

We take a quick photo of the team and their scores, followed by a second “fun” photo, which is immediately circulated to the team with a copy of the agreed plan.

What are some other ways you have used to gauge consensus?


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