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Game of Thrones: An Analogy

We have all worked there. Where departments communicated like feuding medieval families (minus the cool costumes), and unfortunately very little gets delivered. 😓

Honestly sometimes it's like we are living in an episode of Game of Thrones! 🏰🐉

So here are some of the magic moments that occur during an Ignite big-room-planning workshop that will save the day:

Teams emerge from their towered silos to agree a common set of priorities (and avoids the chaos of the extremely disparate Seven Kingdoms) 🤝

Nervous individual estimates based on little or no information suddenly becoming owned and accepted by the Seven Kingdoms! 💼💡

The kingdoms work together to rapidly build and agree a capacity, resource plan and budget! 💰📊

In under a day the team has transformed into a formidable unit building a portfolio or delivery plan that they will all proudly endorse. 📈🛠️

Best of all, the plan can be mobilised the very next day with a high level of confidence and self-believe! 🌟💪

Of course, the Knights of the AdaptivOrg Roundtable take you on that journey with our renowned expert facilitation ensuring everyone gets heard, conflicts resolved quickly, and decisions made with the whole company strategy in mind. 🛡️🗡️

It took dedication, open-mindedness, and a willingness to ditch the comfort zones. However it proves Ignite workshops aren't just a fad, it's a movement and collaboration superpower! 💥✨

Want to see some of this magic in your organization? You know who to call! ☎️


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