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Generosity of Spirit

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A core value that is gold but rare is “Generosity of Spirit”, which is to act with kindness and be open and willing to share with others without expecting to receive something back in return.

Those who exhibit this value also tend to remain extremely positive despite adversity.

It is a value that many of our front-line workers display against all odds, and at the same time inspiring to witness

It is also a value that builds highly effective teams.

Perfect timing to use a Queen fact to share an inspirational example of Generosity of Spirit.

Freddie Mercury, when diagnosed with AIDS, vowed to keep making music until he died, a promise he fulfilled.

What is inspiring is the positive, life-affirming nature of the music he made during those last days.

Testament to this is the Queen album Made in Heaven, released after his death.

Here is a man in unbearable pain, his body wasting away, passionately singing lyrics like:

“It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, no-one’s gonna stop me now!”

This album also contains my all-time favourite Queen song, the powerful Mother Love.

This was the very last song Freddie recorded, so much so he never got to complete it (Brian May sings the last verse).

Generosity of Spirit – a value that goes beyond building highly effective teams. It’s a value that gives you faith and hope in life itself.


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