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Ignite Challenge #6: Dealing with the "Important" Initiative

One of the things I love observing during an Ignite workshop is how the most obvious high-priority initiatives quickly become not really that important. We have all been there when a new initiative is introduced and heralded as the most important in the world, usually the CEO’s / CIO’s Number 1. What I love about the Ignite process is that every initiative has the opportunity to be important. So many times, a “CEO” initiative has started at the top. Still, then as every other initiative is discussed and prioritised, the CIO initiative just doesn’t stack up – there are just more important business-critical high-value initiatives. Hence the collective in the room gradually sends the “CEO” initiative down the ladder. In an Ignite, even the “perceived” most important work has to demonstrate value. What’s really exciting is that everyone in the room has no issue defending the outcome to the boss. And a boss that accepts that outcome demonstrates great leadership. And THAT is one way to empower a team. #200Ignites AdaptivOrg + Seisma SEISMA GROUP Follow me on LinkedIn:



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