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Ignites and the Tight Integration with the Insights Discovery Program

One of our recent exciting developments in our Ignite process is the tight integration with the Insights Discovery program.

Our most effective Ignite workshops now has 3 key elements:

► Retrospective (learn from the past)

► Insights Discovery diagnostic workshop (learn about the team)

► Collaborative planning (decide our priorities for the future)

Robert Cass will workshop the results of the Insights Discovery diagnostic with the team that helps identify their dominant personality trait (we all have a bit of everything but tend to be dominant in one or two areas)

🟢 Earth Green - Focus on values and depth in relationships.

🔵 Cool Blue - Strong in following processes and standards, strong in analytics, and have an eye for detail

🔴 Fiery Red - Bold, Assertive, Competitive, Decisive, Strong-willed, Demanding and Task/Goal focussed.

🟡 Sunshine Yellow - Positive, radiant, friendly and concerned with good human relations. Tend to be persuasive and democratic, radiating a desire for sociability.

This helps the team understand each other’s strengths and also the best and worst ways to communicate to each other.

This is particularly useful as we launch into collaborative planning as the team becomes considerate of each other’s personality traits.

What is exciting is that not only does the team leave the Ignite with an agreed plan, but also as a strongly unified team.



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