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Insights: Cool Blue vs Sunshine Yellow Pt. 2

One of our favourite exercises we run during our 90-Day Planning "Ignite" workshops to reinforce the Insights colour energy superpowers is the real-estate agent exercise.

Superheroes are tasked with selling a property first to their own dominant colour energies (🟡Sunshine Yellows🟡 tend to emphasise the social and entertaining aspects of the property, where as 🔵Cool Blues🔵 will focus on the detailed dimensions and historical performance aspects of the property).

We then get them to sell to their opposite dominant colour Superhero (eg. Yellow sell to Blue) where they have to wind down their dominant colour and wind up their opposing colour.

This presents a real-life scenario that can be applied in the workplace when you are about to go into what could be a difficult meeting. Also a great technique if you are in a sales team and you want to work out how best to communicate to your prospective client.


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