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JCU 4th Ignite

As we head back this week to James Cook University in Townsville for our 4th hashtag#Ignite 90-Day Planning Workshop, this time with superheroes in the Tech Team, I thought I would share another interesting fact.

Visitors to Castle Hill in Townsville would have noticed a strange artwork “The Saint” on the north-facing rock wall.

It appeared in 1962 during Commemoration Week, a tradition where university students would pull pranks throughout town.

It has been hotly debated during the 60 years since it appeared, as some see it as eyesore, others as popular Townsville landmark.

After its 40 year anniversary the secret to its origination was finally revealed when seven former Mackay State High School students finally came forward as the ones responsible for what has become a Townsville icon.

They were Graeme Bowen, Lyall Ford, Rodney Froyland, David Greve, Peter Higgins, Barrie Snarski and Robert Sothman.

Barry Snarski hung from a pole at the top of the hill in the middle of the night to paint the icon.

It has lived the test of time and has since been adopted by JCU and its rugby league club.

Source: Mackay and Whitsunday Life


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