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Preparation for Running an Ignite

An Ignite is a fairly intense workshop in which a team comes together to share, prioritise and plan a strategic portfolio, program or project.

They might arrive at the Ignite in their silos and exit as a unified team focused on achieving collective strategic outcomes!.

However, there is preparation to get us all good and ready to run an Ignite to ensure it is runs smoothly and is a visual and interactive feast, and this usually commences two weeks before the event.

This typically includes:

1) For onsite Ignites, confirm the participants and find an awesome venue

2) Briefing the participants to take them through the approach and alleviate any concerns before the big day

3) Gather the data about the key initiatives, requirements, features and/or activities

4) Help the participants rank and size the work within their own area first prior to the workshop

5) Print out the initiatives on sexy-looking cards and prepare the materials needed for the day.

The show must go on!


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