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Anxieties Coming into an Ignite

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Top 3 Questions coming into an Ignite! ⏺ Question 1: Have I missed an initiative or requirement? If you have, you will have an opportunity to add it in after the Ignite workshop. After all, we are building a plan that can adapt quickly. ⏺ Question 2: Have I got the priority right? Maybe. Maybe not. However what you can be assured is that the priority will be challenged the moment it is set. Something will fly in next week that well challenge that priority – if it survives that test, you know you have got it right… for now. ⏺ Question 3: Have I over / under estimated the work? You can only really estimate based on what you already know, so the Ignite process will aim to have more people in the room validate the estimate based on what their “gut feel” experience is telling them. Then it will no longer be your estimate, it will be the whole teams estimate. We want to learn how to respond to change over following a plan, because we know unexpected change is a given. So don’t spend too much time planning – plan based on what you know today, and set yourself to assess incoming changes via your front door process, while bolting down your back door. Learn more about the front door process here #200Ignites #FrontDoor AdaptivOrg + Seisma SEISMA GROUP


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