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Transform a Cafe

Transform a run-down cafe into a modern, hip, profitable fun place to work. 

That was the task we gave 35 people from 12 different organisations during a mock #Ignite 90-day planning session at our Portfolio Agility Practitioners Workshop on Friday 24th Nov.

35 people, who were probably experts in coffee drinking, but maybe not necessarily experts at transforming a small business.

First we got them to understand each others Superhero strengths and weaknesses and preferred communication style using the Insights Discovery Diagnostic 🟢 🟡 🔵 🔴

They then used the#Ignite approach to prioritise and plan the activities within their respective streams (Strategy, Operations, Product, Sales/Marketing, People), and then across the streams to agree a collective unified plan.

Using the #FisttoFive voting mechanism, they all endorsed the plan as being achievable based on what they knew.

The best thing of all? This was completed in under 2 hours!

I have run this exercise during Agility training over 30 times, and am always impressed the result is always the same - similar tasks, similar plan, similar budget, similar outcomes prepared by a team with no experience in transforming cafes!


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