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Day of the Triffids

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Around 18 months ago, when we formed AdaptivOrg, I also launched a hobby business called “Day of the Triffids”, based on the novel and movie of the same name.

The business involves growing alien-looking plants that supposedly can’t be killed and arranging them in vintage beer cans and miniature gardens.

Some of you may recall my first challenge when the purpose-built greenhouse blew away.

Learning 1: Bolt it down.

The second challenge, the greenhouse structure, now bolted down. Melbourne winds then blew most of the clear panels away.

Learning 2: Bolt down the windows

The third challenge, summer arrived and all the plants in the greenhouse roasted. It turns out you can kill succulents… all of them.

Learning 3: Don’t keep the plants in the greenhouse during summer.

The fourth challenge was selling the plants at the indoor market, Market 3196 in Chelsea. It turns out 20 other stall holders had the same idea and were clearly better at it than me – in both pricing and display.

Learning 4: I’m still trying to work this out.

However, my biggest learning from all of this is that? All of these challenges have given me the opportunity to learn to be better at this.

When we work with organisations to help them deliver successful outcomes, we always encourage them to be transparent with their failures – encourage and celebrate when something is “Amber” or “Red”, and work together as a team to get it back to GREEN.

In the words of Rasheed Ogunlaru:

”When setbacks arise – and they will from time to time – regroup, recharge, refocus and refine.”

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