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Wicked: An Analogy

In the enchanting world of Oz, where magic and mystery converge, the musical "Wicked" has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. 🌈

With the exciting return of the musical to Melbourne, and the release of the movie version in November, it is time to explore the character of Elphaba, the younger incarnation of The Wicked Witch of the West, as she emerges as the inspiring but unexpected leader of this magical story. 🧙‍♀️✨

What can we learn from Elphaba’s leadership qualities?

🎩 Always Embrace Uniqueness:

Instead of succumbing to social expectations, Elphaba embraces her individuality. Good leaders understand the value of diversity and actively encourage an inclusive environment where everyone's unique qualities are celebrated. 🌟

🎩 Always Be Authentic:

Authentic leaders build trust among their teams by staying true to their values, fostering a culture of openness, and embracing transparency in their decision-making. Elphaba stands firm in her beliefs and that is reflected in her actions and choices. 💼

🎩 Empathy and Compassion:

Good leaders understand the importance of empathy, recognizing that a compassionate approach fosters collaboration and creates a supportive community within the workplace. Elphaba has a false reputation as the Wicked Witch, despite her empathy and compassion. She cares deeply for those around her, including the misunderstood and marginalized. ❤️

So if you are watching the musical when it comes to Melbourne in March this year, or the incredible movie version in November, draw inspiration from Elphaba’s journey to create a more inclusive and positive environment. 🎶📽️



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