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Expect the Unexpected: Data Breaches

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

So it's been a couple of weeks since the Optus breach occurred, and as expected, the ripple effects are now impacting big corporates across the country.

In particular, if your organisation records your customer's identity details such as passport, driver's licence, medicare, and birth certificates, you are likely to be flooded by customer concerns about the safety of their data.

We would have known these ripple effects would occur as soon as the breach became public.

I have posted numerous times on LinkedIn over the past 2 months to expect the unexpected.

So I am curious if your Front Door process picked up this unexpected impact on your organisation.

Do you have your Top 20 key initiatives/services clearly defined and visible to provide a point of comparison for this impact and decide what you need to stop working on to deal with this unexpected impact?

Or did you expect your teams just to absorb this impact with everything else they are working on?

This is where your leadership comes to the test. How are you managing the impact the Optus breach is having on your teams?

The lack of leadership shown here might unwittingly contribute to The Great Reshuffle sweeping across Australia as your staff seek a culture that knows how to respond and adapt to unexpected change.


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