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Facts About the Movie Bohemian Rhapsody

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Let’s finish the week with some fun Queen facts relating to the movie Bohemian Rhapsody which was released in 2018

Obviously with a movie trying to compress 30 years into 2 hours they had to take some artistic licence (and it has been described as a portrait of the band, as opposed to a factual account), however there are some major historical inaccuracies. Here are the most obvious ones:

❎ Freddie knew the band Smile long before Tim Staffell left – he even shared a room with Roger Taylor and ran a market stall with him

❎ Manager John Reid was not fired by Freddie over encouraging a solo career, he left the band amicably due to other reasons

❎ The band had completed a world tour just before Live Aid (I saw them in Melbourne a couple of months before!) as opposed to “not touring in years” as claimed in the movie.

❎ Freddie was not the first band member to release a solo album (both Brian and Roger had released solo albums), although the contract value probably did cause a massive feud.

❎ Freddie was not officially diagnosed with HIV until after Live Aid, and didn’t inform the band until 1989

Did you notice the two clever Easter Eggs in the movie?

✅ Mike Myers played Ray Foster, the fictional EMI executive who rejected Bohemian Rhapsody as it was never going to be the song “teenagers can crank up the volume in their car and bang their heads to” as that’s exactly what Mike Myer’s does in the movie Waynes World

✅ Current Queen singer Adam Lambert plays a cameo in the move disguised as a truck driver.


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