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Is Your Front Door Permanently Open?

Is your Front Door permanently open? Somewhat like this little video? A "Front Door" is the process that handles all new requests and changes to your portfolio, program, project or scrum team. Quite often we see organisations take on all work requests because they don't want to disappoint their customer, but ultimately will always do when it is clear they don't have enough capacity to deal with the demand. Even worse, they drive their team to work hard into the evening to keep up, even if the work isn't that critical. And then we wonder why we are having difficulty retaining staff Incoming changes and new work is inevitable - you need to work out what a reasonable level of context switching is manageable for your team. As a rule of thumb, is should be under 15%. Your Front Door process doesn't need to be complex or bureaucratic - in fact the simpler it is, the more likely it will be adopted. ➊ Is the request more important than any work we have already committed to? ➋ If the answer to question 1 is "YES", then do we have any capacity of deliver it? ➌ If the answer to question 2 is "YES", then prioritise and schedule the work ➍ If the answer to question 2 is "NO", then decide what existing work will need to be postponed to make this happen. That's it! ♬ Once you have your Front Door under control, you need to then check your Back Door.... however we will leave that for another fun video 😉 #200Ignites #FrondDoor AdaptivOrg + Seisma SEISMA GROUP Jason Wu, Anthony Kandi, Harry Gouskos, Robert Cass, Daniel Spiteri, Brodie Piper


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