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Jazz up the Corporate Spaces

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

We are now well and truly out of the hibernation imposed by Covid.

So now it is time to jazz up our corporate spaces.

In fact, if we can make the corporate space more interesting and engaging, then more of us might come in.

Fun and productivity go hand in hand.

Fun helps to build connections, inspire passion and create a positive working environment. I have seen some organizations do this really well.

I used to revel in building what my friend Brendan Walker called “The Magnificent Wall” – a spectacular visual of coloured cards and photos representing the output of our Ignites (i.e. our current and planned work) where we would gather daily to discuss.

Of course, MS Teams, Zoom and some cool digital tools have replaced this. Still, nothing stops us from occasionally gathering around in person in front of a prioritized list of cards and engaging with each like in the olden days.

Yes, we live in a hybrid world, but not everything needs to be online! And I am delighted to say that I am still asked to create such visualizations.

So let me hear about some of your ideas for jazzing up our corporate spaces!

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