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People you Work With: Anthony

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

On my continuing theme of learning something new about the people you work with.

Meet my good friend and business partner, Anthony Kandi.

We have been friends for over five years since working together in 2017 at RXP Group, where we ran Ignites across a broad range of clients.

He went on to spend time at NAB, where he met Robert Cass and set the foundation for what would become the huge Enterprise Quarterly Planning Ignite workshops held at Marvel Stadium.

What have I learnt about Anthony over the years?

He loves life, has a loud, infectious laugh, and takes more long weekends than anyone I know!

He loves social events and believes in a healthy work-life balance.

I constantly mistake his identical twin Chris Kandi for Anthony, and to confuse things more, they both worked at NAB at the same time.

He loves golf, and when he plays well, you will know about it. In fact, the whole course and neighbouring suburbs will know about it.

He was an awesome soccer player before injury took its toll and enjoys the sport so much, he'd travel half the world to watch it.

Oh, and he is a passionate Carlton Football Club supporter. How we managed to become friends still bewilders me.

Jokes aside, what inspires us about Anthony is his strong empathetic nature, respect for family bonds and values, and how he brings this to his working relationships, making sure everyone he works with feels respected and valued. He'll often go above and beyond for people he cares about or to get the right result for a client.

And together, we transform teams!

Have you asked those personal probing questions at your stand-up yet? If you haven't, you are really missing out.

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