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Saying Goodbye to Ingrid..

It is with a twinge of sadness but also excitement that we farewell our first AdaptivOrg + Seisma employee and Delivery Analyst, Ingrid Perkins. Sad as we will miss Ingrid’s strong sense of values, empathy, authenticity, honesty, sense of humour and professionalism around the office, on the many client sites, and on video calls. We are excited as Ingrid commences a trip of a lifetime and self-discovery commencing in the snowfields of Canada. Ingrid joined us as a graduate and departs as a great consultant, having been a significant contributor across three of our key banking clients and helping us run 10 Ignite workshops in under 12 months! (as well as constructing the 200 Ignites banner! We are super glad to have had Ingrid in our team, super proud of what she has achieved, and super stoked for her future. So watch out for Ingrid in your travels, as she will undoubtedly become a leader and influencer in whatever she undertakes. Oh, and a word of warning - Ingrid is renowned for her poor vehicle navigational skills, so if you see her approaching you in a snowplough – dive for cover! #200ignites #superstar AdaptivOrg + Seisma SEISMA GROUP


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