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Suits: Why It's Not Accurate

I have recently started watching the popular Netflix legal drama series Suits.

The show is very entertaining and has quite the following, however I do find it concerning that the underlying premise is that good leaders can be successful by bullying and intimidating their associates / junior staff.

This approach is so outdated and wouldn't fly in our current climate - the leaders you'd like to think would be called out for their actions and sacked within minutes.

Hopefully young people entering the workforce can see through this and realise none of the leaders in this show are good role-models, and such behaviour should never be tolerated in the real world.

Sadly, we know in some instances, this is not the case.

Do you think some organisations still tolerate this behaviour? I have certainly witnessed it, and one of the good things that has come out since covid is a lot of people realising they don't have to put up with this leadership style and are walking with their feet.

Poor culture was one of the most common factors in the Great Resignation (or the Australian version - the Great Reshuffle) that occurred post covid.


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