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Sunshine Yellow/Fiery Red Tips

Count to seven in your head before contributing to the conversation (or let someone else answer first!)

Wise words of advice if your dominant colour energy is Fiery Red or Sunshine Yellow.

This will most certainly lead to a more effective conversation in a meeting and stronger relationships, particularly if you are meeting with those who dominate with Cool Blue or Earth Green.

A quick recap of the colour energies – we have a mixture of all four, but can be dominant in one or two of the colour energies.

🟡 Sunshine Yellow: Involve me!

🔴 Fiery Red: Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone!

🔵 Cool Blue: Show me the Detail!

🟢 Earth Green: Show me you Care!

I lead with Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red, so our resident Insights guru Robert Cass constantly reminds me to pause before speaking, and try not to be so flamboyant when meeting with Cool Blues and Earth Greens. Easier said than done!

Since adopting the Insights colour energies, it has changed our whole approach to running our Ignites (ie 90-day planning workshops) and building portfolio capabilities within teams. 

Understanding your own colour energies and that of your peers sets teams up nicely to improving comms with each other and working together ore effectively.


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