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Celebrating our new Seisma HQ

Who doesn’t like a bright brand spanking, shiny new workspace? We love them! So we were thrilled yesterday to celebrate Diwali with Seisma in their new Melbourne HQ @ Level 6, 565 Bourke Street. As well as being a super cool place to work, it also provides us with a super cool venue for our customers to collaborate in our super cool Ignite workshops. Who said corporate spaces are boring? Ours certainly isn’t. Cudos to the fantastic team at Seisma for making this happen. Hope to see you there soon. Now, where can we put the Pinball Machine, Pop Corn maker, and my Queen DVD collection? With Robert Hogeland, Anthony Kandi, Mark Wighton, Heath Z Caban #200Ignites AdaptivOrg + Seisma SEISMA GROUP


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