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Expect the Unexpected!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Is nothing sacred anymore?

McDonald's in Australia recently launched “Potato Scallops” which are really a fancy name for “Potato Cakes”

Fish’n’chip shops, having survived through covid lockdowns, are now facing competition for Potato Cakes from the worlds largest fast food organisation

And to add chicken salt to the wound, the fast food giant is accused of “stealing” potato stock amid a national shortage.

We can relate! Our family went for dinner at a local Frankston pub recently only to be served potato gems instead of chips!

I needed a shandy to wash that down.

The message is loud and clear – no matter what business you are in – small or large, you have to learn to respond and adapt to change in order to survive.

Look what Netflix did to video stores, Uber did to the Taxi industry, Airbnb to the holiday accommodation industry.

Set your organisation up to be able to respond to change.

Rank your most important work and make sure you are clear on what capacity is needed to run them.

This will also give you a basis for comparison when an unexpected thing occurs and you will need to respond and adapt quickly

Be ready for your Potato Scallop moment…..

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