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Facing Adversity

How do you face adversity, especially at the workplace?

It’s time for another musical reference, this time from Lin Manuel’s first musical pre Hamilton, “In The Heights”.

I love how these musicals share inspirational messages about leadership

The key themes of the musical are immigration, community, respect and legacy. However it is also has a strong message about how as a leader you should set an example of how to deal with adversity.

All small businesses in Australia, like ours, have their fare share of adversity, as customers start to tighten their belts and prepare for the economical challenges ahead.

However this is where you have the choice on how to react.

Keep a positive mindset, and face the challenge head on or instead bow to the pressure and cave-in

This isn’t the Game of Thrones where “winter is coming” and will never end (although with Melbourne’s winter it sometimes feels like it)

Remember the quote from the Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton

“France is following us to revolution, there is no more status quo

But the sun comes up and the world still spins”

Fly your flag!


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