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Sunshine Yellow and Cool Blue... A Tale of Commitment

A šŸŸ” šŸŸ” Sunshine Yellow šŸŸ” šŸŸ” trying to get a šŸ”µ šŸ”µ Cool Blue šŸ”µ šŸ”µ to commit! This was never going to end well. Have you had this dynamic at your workplace? A miserable outcome can be avoided entirely by understanding, appreciating and respecting each otherā€™s style, and adjusting the communication accordingly. This will turn an adversarial relationship into a strong formidable one. Understanding your peer's Insights colour energy superpowers will lead to a highly effectives team.... guaranteed! #200Ignites Insights AdaptivOrg + Seisma SEISMA GROUP Robert Cass, Anthony Kandi


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