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The Elephant in the Room: The Sequel

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The Elephant in the Room - The Sequel

So in our previous story about the Elephant in the Room, we shared how ignoring the elephant and hoping it will go away (like in the previous video) is not the answer, because it will always be there lurking in the background.

Elephants are those glaringly obvious issues that we typically choose to ignore because we want to avoid conflict or rocking the boat. However if not dealt with, will transform in to a Grey Rhino.

However the other extreme is to act aggressively and be an angry apple when dealing with it.

This will set the wrong tone and wrong example on how to deal with big issues, and will kill any trust you have in your team, and will result in the elephants breeding and multiplying!

There has to be a strong foundation of trust within the team so that a safe environment exists to openly deal with elephants.

How have you dealt with the elephant in the room?


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