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The Sunshine Yellow vs Cool Blue Dynamic

I usually reserve my Friday posts for light hearted fun. Today however I have decided to be more reflective, inspired a little by Lata Hamiltons post today about Seizing the Day.

It’s been over a year now since Robert Cass started me on the Insights Discovery journey to help drive self-awareness and to understand how others prefer to be communicated with.

Pardon the pun, but to say it has been insightful is an understatement.

I am fascinated by the relationship between my dominant colour energy, that of the 🟡 Sunshine Yellow 🟡, with those that lead with 🔵 Cool Blue 🔵.

🟡 Sunshine Yellows can sociable, dynamic, enthusiastic and persuasive

🔵 Cool Blues tend to be cautious, precise, deliberate, questioning, and formal

I know I am good at what I do, I know I can influence a group dynamic and create positive enthusiasm in others. I have delivered nearly 300 Ignite workshops that in the most part have made a profound positive impact.

However despite this, I still allow the Cool Blues to get right under my skin, question my integrity and allow the Imposter Syndrome to fester inside me.

Of course I know it’s not personal, and those that lead with Cool Blues are driven by detail and want to be confident they have a solid process and data before providing their trust.

I am curious as to how others who lead with Sunshine Yellow deal with this.

Robert Cass constantly talks about meeting them somewhere in the middle, which is easier said than done when your integrity is being questioned and self-doubt is creeping in.

I have my strategies for satisfying the needs of Cool Blues, some are effective and some aren’t.

Robs coaching has offered the following suggestions:

🔵 Think before you speak; organise your thoughts first.

🔵 Present your ideas clearly and with structure

🔵 Quiet your body and slow your pace. Maintain a more formal posture.

🔵 Tidy things up. Organise your filing system so you can easily find what you need

So before I can meet the Cool Blues in the middle, I need to make sure that my Imposter Syndrome is well contained…. and that sounds like a good topic for another post :)


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